Sunday, Muddy Sunday

I lubed up, I bug sprayed up, I geared up and I planted my vegetables!


Besides the tomatoes, peppers, basil and marigolds, I also planted the seeds for the cucumbers, okra and cucumbers.

See that little patch in the gravel, up by the potting bench? Johnny Jump Ups. There were more but just a little bit of smiling faces had to be saved.


What a great feeling to finally get them into the garden. Now I just have to find homes for the extra kids. I might just put them into pots on my patio and deck, along with this guy.


It’s a “Frizzle Sizzle” Pansy. I planted them a little late because when I put them out to harden off a lot of them fried in the sun. 😦 I also planted some “Blueberry Sundae” Pansies but those haven’t bloomed yet.

I also got knitting in, while I was busy with all of the nausea. I can’t tell you what this KIP is because it’s – SHHHHH! – a secret kinda thing. But I did enjoy using a bunch of my markers.


Which makes me want to kick my own butt for not taking pics of the 15 sets of markers I have made.

Oh camera crew!

2 thoughts on “Sunday, Muddy Sunday

  1. WOW! Your garden rocks! I can’t wait to see how thing progress through the growing season.

    Pansies rock my world!

  2. ok you are really organized in the garden. It looks GREAT! Will you make me one?

    I have one little tomato plant that I want to plant but haven’t yet. Perhaps this weekend…..

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