OOPS! I did it again

Yesterday’s photo was of my “Sergio” golf club head cover.

He sits in my golf bag, right next to this one.


I had a golf lesson this week and learned that I’m mucho out of shape. Parts of me hurt that shouldn’t.

Some of those parts I need for knitting.

I need to join a gym.


Ever since I had that “problem” with my computer, things haven’t quite been right.

Yesterday, as I was trying to catch up on some blogs, I read one and saw that I had read the following few posts. So I clicked on the “Mark All As Read” button.

“Mark all 211 as read?” it asked.

“Yes, idiot.” I said. And clicked.

And that’s how I deleted ALL of the unread blogs in my Google Reader list. For the SECOND (or is it third) time.

So don’t anyone think I’m not paying attention to you. I’m not really paying attention to anything, obviously.

I blame it all on the week-long nausea I’ve been dealing with. Feeling so ill that I can’t even think of food but knowing that I have to eat. Me. Lover of all that is food.

This is one thing that took my mind off the discomfort…

Meeting Jane on Monday, for a few hours of knitting and laughing. She had been away for a few weeks and hadn’t done a stitch of work on her second sock. The knitter’s out there will realize the fun we had trying to figure out what part of the heel she was up to. The non-knitter’s can just smile and nod and imagine the fun.

Go on. I’ll wait.


I finished Tom’s socks over the weekend.


Details, once again:

Toe-up socks on Size 1 needle/magic loop
Plain foot with a spiral rib leg
Socks That Rock in Lucy colorway
Started sometime last summer

Now I’m working on my second “First Child’s Sock”.

I forgot to write notes and started the first sock around October. I know that I used different sized needles but more than 6 months later, I have no clue what they were. And thinking about it, if they’re called “Child’s FIRST Sock” should there EVER be a second sock??

I’m just winging it and hoping for the best because, after all, isn’t that how ALL knitter’s work? No? Oh well. Maybe Ravelry will help me straighten up and fly right. (Yeah, dream on.)

7 thoughts on “OOPS! I did it again

  1. Note to Laurie: When GR asks if you want to mark anything over 5 as read, that means you’re looking at your ENTIRE LIST of unread posts… ;op

    You’re garden looks awesome, btw. Great job, Tom! hehehe

  2. I am pretty sure all knitters wing it. If not I am doing something terribly terribly wrong.

    Sorry you are feeling blechy! Cats make great heating pads.

  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling crappy, hope you are able to eat some tasty food now! Love the socks 😀 You are absolutely right toe up socks are the best. I finished the plain pair and started another pair today. Wow can’t believe I finished a sock in a day! I’m sure that all the socks I knit for a long time will be toe up, now I just need to learn to convert patterns!

  4. Oh…. its a golf club cover thingie. And why do clubs need covers? Do they catch cold? Golf – a mystery.

    Diggin’ the socks!! So jealous of your magic loop skills – someday…. sigh!

    Sorry about the crud. It’s summer. No crud allowed. Did I not send you that memo?! 🙂

  5. Wow you have been busy! Gardening, golfing, and making socks! I love this last pair you made for your DH!

    Let see the childs first sock again:)

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