Sludgey Update

Thru a splitting headache, I appear…

dragging myself across the keyboard…

because I feel SOOOO late in posting.

Saturday’s World-Wide Knit In Public Day event was awesome. There were about 22 of us, total. We knit, we ate and drank (thanks to Starbuck’s being 10 steps away), we chatted and laughed. I met lots of new people and saw 1 or 2 that I know. One was too sick to go.

Added later: I won a gift certificate to Kraemer’s Yarn Shop, as well!

uh-oh. TypePad isn’t allowing me to put in photos. Well, isn’t that just a grand lead-in to the story of the rest of the week, so far.

I thought that not having any connection (Sunday) to the internet was bad – but then we lost some of our TV channels, as well. Trying to watch the U.S. Open (Golf), as the picture went from scorched looking grass to golfers in a snowstorm, was an event. We couldn’t see ANYTHING except the white of the screen with the whiter golf ball.

I think that’s why they had to have a play-off on Monday. It was for US. But I don’t know why they couldn’t have had Rocco Mediate win, as well. If you’re gonna do it up…geeze.

Boring errands and doctor’s appointments kept me away yesterday. That and the above mentioned play-off.

Kicker was that I watched the WHOLE THING – right up until I had to leave for the doctor’s office. Then I set the DVD to record the end. Get to the doc and start to burn up (not literally) my iPhone, trying to see golf results RIGHT AWAY. Realizing that I hadn’t set the DVD long enough because it went into extra holes. Then getting ticked because I waited in the waiting room (I know it’s the rooms name but, SERIOUSLY, do we really have to W A I T??) for 40 minutes before being called in.

The doc said I needed to go for a sonogram and I asked at the desk “Where should I go for this?”. The girl answered “You can go anywhere.”

“Really?”, I asked. “So I can go into the Olive Garden and get it done?”.

She laughed, but didn’t tell me where to get the test. Good help – really hard to find.

Today was more giggles at Apple. If you’re not a Mac person this part may be kinda boring. HA! I made a joke! KINDA BORING!

Last week I was stopped from downloading in iTunes because I only had .89G of room left on my 120G computer. So I made an appointment to bring in my MacBook and have a Genius look and see what was taking up so much space.

He looked and saw that I had a copy of my Library in my Documents folder. “You don’t need that.”, he said. I told him to delete it then, to free up the space.


Whoosh! Into the Trash, it went.

Then I had a great One-To-One session, where I learned how to make a movie of the Knit In Public pictures I had taken.

We went to upload it and I needed a password so I bopped into Keychain (program on computer that holds all my passwords in one place) and found that the deleting thing? Not so good. ALL of my passwords were gone.

I grabbed the Genius by his scrawny neck My trainer went and got the Genius and he was able to restore some important info. SOME.

When I got home I had to re-do all of my preferences, desktop options, touchpad options…you name it, I had to re-do it.

Then I went to buy a song from iTunes. (This is where my head really started to pound…on. the. desk) I can’t sign into my account. I’ve had this account for years. It refuses to recognize either my screen name or my password. I’m not sure which but I reset my password 3 times and it STILL won’t take it.

And I’ve been trying to upload a 2 minute video into YouTube for the past hour.

Also, my QuickBooks files? For the business? Gone.

Are you popping Valium yet? I wish I was.

7 thoughts on “Sludgey Update

  1. Oh man you have been busy and not all for the good. 😦

    40 minute wait! Arggrllrrladkjakj! That really bites specially since you HAD something to see.

    And OMG on losing data! Here sit down, take my seat. Would you like a shot of tequila?

  2. So many problems with the technology– I was so looking forward tothe WWKIP day photos!
    Anyway, hope the head ache goes away!
    (I can’t believe I’m actually commenting!)

  3. OMG OMG OMG, I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this! Doncha just *hate* ‘puter problems?
    I uploaded the pics you sent to the group site…


  4. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

    This too shall pass? Knit on, through all crises?

    Aw, man, I’m sorry. At least the KIPing was good…

  5. eeek WWKIP Day sounds like a blast! Aren’t you glad you went? Look you even scored a door prize:)

    Sorry to hear about all the other stuff! Man you sure have been busy… Take it easy:)

  6. The Mac event is a perfect example of corporate lies. The Mac community (read Apple Corp.) would have you believe that the Macintosh platform is easy enough for a kindergartener and oh so trouble-free. It’s nonsense.
    We have a design center group where I work and we get just as many calls for help from that group as every other group in the building that use Windows.
    I will say, though, that PC genii are far smarter than Mac genii (because “Mac genius” is an oxymoron).

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