Just a small delay

Some time yesdarday morning, we lost our internet. RCN said it was statewide so we’re hoping to have jt back by this afternoon.

I’m doing this post from my iPhone – I don’t recommend it but it’s fine for short posts.

Why don’t you hum and pretend you’re hearing elevator music while we “experience technical difficulties”?

When I’m back on-line I’ll have pictures and tell you about my WWKIPD (World-Wide Knit In Public Day) experience, which was Saturday.

Happy Monday, to all.

You can stop humming now…it’s kinda annoying.

One thought on “Just a small delay

  1. RCN! Argh, RCN!!! I felt like a total junkie who has lost her DSL fix on Sunday. My hubby and I were grilling on the back patio, and I kept sneaking upstairs to check on the status.

    I really wanted to snag a spot in Yarn Pirate’s Booty Club, and I was afraid I’d miss my chance. But nope. Much to hubby’s chagrin, I snagged myself a spot. And a spot in Zen Yarn Garden’s Art Walk club too. I need some intervention!

    Love the cow booty-shakin’. =)

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