A what blog?

Yeah. So I sprayed that sucker and dove for the door.

Laurie – 1
Paper Wasp – 0

Today I was supposed to meet Susu for the first time and do a little Starbuck’s and a little knitting. (Always amazes me when I find local knitters.)

Thank goodness I got up early and had an hour to kill before leaving because she sent me an e-mail that she’s S-I-C-K and we’re going to have to put off the meeting until she’s no longer carrying the plague. Go over and tell her to feel better soon, ok?


Because it’s a nice thing to do AND because Saturday is World Wide Knit In Public Day (WWKIP). She found out they’re having the event here and we’ve made plans to go. Only about 40 minutes from the house and it’s the first one I’ve ever gone to…hopefully. Being kinda shy makes it difficult to go to large events, alone. If she can’t make it I might bite the bullet and JUST DO IT.

Maybe while you’re feeling all “positive thought-y” you’ll jog over to Lisa’s and give her positive vibes.

I didn’t want to waste all of the make-up and good hair (I should have known something was up because…really…a good hair day? It’s an omen.) So I did a Starbuck’s run. Put them thru their paces when my drink kept coming out bad and they had to remake it 3 times. They’re so nice there and I wasn’t angry with them, I just kept tasting and couldn’t help the “bad drink face”. I used my S’buck’s card and now I have $6.66 left on it. Another omen! Right after the girl told me my balance I got a headache – a spike in the eye headache.

Dun-dun-DUNNNNNNNNNN (ominous music)

Then I figured I’d better just go home.


One sock down

With a spiral rib

Second sock on the needles

No my feet aren’t that big, the socks are for Tom.

I’m really happy that some of my favorite TV shows are on during the Summer.

Last night was the finale for Top Chef. Exciting stuff.

I’m kind of a foodie. Not hard core but I really like reading about food! heh
Here are some of the 20 food blogs I peruse.

Chocolate and Zucchini
The Amateur Gourmet
Smitten Kitchen

Also really enjoying So You Think You Can Dance. So much fun that I wish it was on every night.

That’s all for now. I’m supposed to be working and that usually involves 2 hours of Ravelry/G Reader/Etsy/IM’s with Shan/E-mail answering and THEN work so I better get to it. Surprisingly, it DOESN’T do itself.

And if Tom asks, I have NOT been sitting and looking at Knitty, either.

3 thoughts on “A what blog?

  1. Hey but Friday the 13th is tomorrow! Stop with the Omens already:) And yes you must go to WWKIPD! You must go for me as i will not be able to:( Little C graduates form Pre-K Saturday:)

  2. Peeking my head out with mask on.

    Maybe all the exposure I get from your blog will bring me healing vibes. It was super (did I just says super?) talking to you on the phone this am.

    Hair and make-up? OMG I would have walked out with a ballcap on and no makeup. I can see you will be the diva of our little group once I am well enough to lay eyes upon you.

    Going to soak in a hot tub and dream of wwkip.

    Boo hiss to Friday the 13th. I will not acknowledge it exists 😉

  3. Nice sock! Who knew the self striping yarn would look so good in that spiral rib? I’m always afraid it will look all wonky if I don’t just knit the whole thing.

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