Do You Want To Play?

Yesterday’s post was just to show off the tote that Shan sent me.

What I didn’t say (except in the title) was that it was part of a “Pay It Forward” exchange.

So…TAG I’m it!

Here’s the deal, I will send a handmade something (my choice) to the first three people who comment that they too would like to participate. In other words, you will also be sending out three handmade items AFTER you get one from me.

The only time limit on this is that the package should (must is such a harsh word) be sent out within 365 days.

YES. You have a year to make nice with someone else. The pressure is low but the feeling, when you get that package in the mail, is SO GOOD!

The big question is…DO YOU WANT TO PLAY? (I love it when Ben says that on “Cash Cab”!)

Ravelry Yarn Update

Still slogging thru. Yesterday I put up everything in the closet…mostly. I think there’s still a shoebox sized container but the battery on my computer is dying… and it’s late… and the lighting is bad in here… and I haven’t eaten dinner and (had enough?) TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY.

For those who aren’t on Ravelry (why aren’t ya?) my Flickr ID is Lorenzo Knits, if you want to see lots of pretty colors of yarn.


Goin’ to Atlantic City for a few days. Tom’s holding down the fort. Sandy & I will be loose and causing trouble.

And by “loose” I mean eating ice cream in bed and staying up until 11pm.

And by “causing trouble” I mean she’ll be donating and I’ll be watching movies, in the room, on my iPhone. Unless I hit it big. Then I’ll watch movies, in my private jet, on my iPhone.

6 thoughts on “Do You Want To Play?

  1. Your stash photos are mainly what I see in my “friend activity” section on Ravelry—I figured you were organizing rather than buying out your town’s entire supply of yarn.

    I’ll play! I signed up before to play but it hasn’t gone anywhere yet. But I can send soap to 6 people, no problem.


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