Beth asked if I was planning on staying around – meaning on TypePad.

To tell you the truth, I’m kind of ticked with myself…and a wee bit dizzy.

It’s like that “I Love Lucy” episode where they go out to eat and she can’t decide which table to sit at. Or what she’ll have to eat.

Seriously? I was thinking about checking out WordPress. LOL! But unless someone can tell me that it’s WAY better than TypePad because they’ve used both…I’m here for quite a while.

I might do some fiddling with design and such but the address will stay the same. I mean, I’ve been with TypePad for almost 3 years and just YESTERDAY found out that there’s a “links” button! I’ve been doing my own link HTML the whole time. Sheesh!

I can’t promise the same for the blog name.

Maybe I was a hobo in a former life?

Why, yes. That IS my lamb? Do you have a problem with that?

8 thoughts on “Moving….NOT!

  1. Well…I used Typepad back in the day (note that I am no longer using TP…er, Typepad) and I now use…WordPress. Not the hosted at WP but WP nonetheless. I like it WAY better and is even free. ;o) Just sayin’

  2. Yeh, I’m eons behind and still on Blogger. So I can’t weigh in on the TP vs WP debate.

    You’re just keeping us on our toes, moving around like that. 🙂

  3. I do use, the free version and I love it. But I’ve never used TypePad. my only gripe would be not being able to use javascript so I can’t add widgets from Goodreads or Librarything.

  4. Man. I’m exhausted from having to help you move all your stuff -like 14 times in the last two weeks. 🙂

    Wes. Studmuffin.

  5. Well, at least we can learn from your experience. Next time I’m frustrated at Typepad I’ll remember – it could be worse…

  6. OMG pick a home will ya? 😉

    I love wordpress — only gripe as mentioned before is javascript not playing nice there. Never used typepad, so I can’t compare.

  7. Well I for one am certainly glad you are back here again:) Its easier to maneuver. WordPress looks cool but I have not been really good at figuring out how it works or why I can’t seem to keep good track of my user name and password. I spend more time trying to log in or figure out things than its worth. Thats why I’m sticking with typepad.

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