Lilacs of White

For Rox (from a few years ago…maybe even last year)



And this is what my garden looks like, now.


…in my dreams. (Picture from about 2 years ago.)

It’s almost halfway to beautifully empty and this weekend I’m going to figure out the planting chart, clean off the plant shelves and light fixtures, and start my seeds!


Stop rolling around and get up off the floor. You look really silly down there, laughing your head off.

4 thoughts on “Lilacs of White

  1. You know – just putting into words all those plans would wear me out.

    I so wish I had the gardening bug. We have a beautiful area in our back yard that the previous owners planted fabulous flowers. After two seasons of little to no maintenence on our part – its weedville. We decided to clear it out, put down either mulch or rock and give up.

    Ok, so maybe its not a gardening gene I’m missing. Might be the lazy gene that has taken over my body!

    I SOOO love to look at all of your pictures though, LOVE them. More!

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