Clever Girl

I just spent 3 days with my Mom in a non-stop, on the go, what are we doing next, marathon. At one point I think I had a stress attack but recovered after an hour of not RUNNING…and some ice cream. It heals all, you know.

It was a nice visit but DAMN am I tired! We rented movies but only saw 3 out of 6 and did errands and such. And I took pictures of her rainbow of knitted t’s. She loves the sweater and keeps doing different patterns: basket weave, mistake rib, garter stripes.


The green and red are done in Dale of Norway’s Svale. The dark blue is (Dale) Stork. And the others are all Kraemer’s Yarn Tatamy Tweed. She loves her some Tatamy Tweed!!

Of course, we managed to get to the LYS so she could buy yarn to make 2 more of them. LOL!

Considering she had said “I don’t mind if we just sit and knit and relax.”, I only got about 6 rows done on the Mystic Light KAL shawl,


designed by Anna.

Oh! Is that a set of my stitch markers on her site? Who knew? ha ha

I’m blown away by how beautiful this looks. Even after I pinned it out I couldn’t see the pattern until I took the picture. WOW!!

The yarn is Tempted Yarns “Roxanne” colorway.

At this point, I’m still on Clue #1 and #3 comes out tomorrow. My hope is that I can finish the shawl by the end of the Summer. But that’s ONLY if I finish the vest first!

I got the cutest set of stitch markers, this week. They’re from Wild Fire Fibres.


Teeny tomatoes. Perfect for the knitting gardener!!

And check out Shan’s latest “Oh this? I whipped this up without a pattern.” A CUPCAKE of an idea! It’s at the end of the April 4th post. She’s a clever girl!

And I say “girl” because if she’s within 10 years of my age…in either direction…she’s a GIRL, dammit!

Blogless Jane came by today and helped me start organizing the knitting room. We were going to do some work on the yarn but we both got a bit overwhelmed and scared at all of the hidey places I have found, so we decided to begin with the patterns. And, yes, she went home with 1 or two.

Someday this


will all fit into these.


Stop laughing. It could happen.

She found my “License To Knit” license plate and said “Either you use this or you throw it out.” And then we both started to laugh. (If you watch any of those home organizing shows, it’s something they always say to threaten the homeowner to use it or lose it.)

She doesn’t scare me!

7 thoughts on “Clever Girl

  1. All those papers…into those books. It can be done. May have to hire helpers (or fly out friends hehe) but….dammit….it can be done!

    A yarn named after me? Lets see. Red/black. Very biker rock chick. Very Angelina Jolie. Yeah, I do resemble her – that must be the reference.



    Whats so funny?

  2. That shawl is looking pretty amazing:) I need a closer look though please:)

    Hey good job on the re-organizing and I say as far as the papers fitting into the the binders –where there is a will there is a way!

    You should tell her that the license plate cannot be thrown out because its a gift from a dear bloggy friend:) Good for your knitting room he he..

  3. License to Knit! You better start using that now!

    The Ts are adorable. Does she wear anything else? meant does she ever where any other kind of shirt? 🙂

  4. Is your mother willing to share the pattern for her knitted T’s? They look really nice – just what I’m looking for.

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