Blog Block

Blog Block – I has it.

In this instance Blog Block is created by so much going on that I can’t take the time to sit down and write about it. Random thoughts flit thru my head, usually while driving, and I can’t remember them when I DO get to the computer.

Without going into details, could you put my brother and his wife in your thoughts…and prayers if you’ve got them?

Tom’s getting ready for a trip. Gotta get orders OUT and bags PACKED.

My Mom’s coming to visit. Maybe the floors WILL clean themselves. Gotta CLEAN!

I missed Flash Your Stash Day (April 1) but I’m having a friend over to help me sort out my yarn stash…and hopefully she’ll be going home with phantom yarn stuffed into her pocketbook. SHHHHHH! There will be photos.

Warm weather is making my mind scramble while I try to figure out the layout for the vegetable garden, as well as where I’m going to put my plant lights for seed starting.

I spent approximately 4.2 seconds outside, swinging a golf club just to see if I remembered how.

I’m already behind in the Mystic Light KAL and it’s only week 2!!

Still need things for Tom’s trip. Catch you all at the end of the week.


SERIOUSLY? They went shopping and didn’t get anything for me? What the hell????

4 thoughts on “Blog Block

  1. Blog block – I totally relate. So let me ask you, what got you started blogging in the first place? (now you have something to write about).

  2. You have friends over that…go home with your yarn? When is your next available appt?? Eh? hehe

    Shannon has a thing about cat butts. I won’t go into it in this public forum but you and I may need to talk. She worries me.

    Wes. Ever the hunk.

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