Spring Lovin’

Spring is doing its thing and along with that comes the continuing bloom of…


This little vixen sent Wes a box of lurrrrrrve.


And she has great penmanship. (Rox – what’s up with giving a cat an allowance?)


A keen eye for fun stuff.


Don’t worry, his Dad took care of the chocolate. Heh.


I think the questions that follow the title of that book are “Why the hell do they do anything? Who knows?”
Dearest Binky…what the heck is that little yellow thingy?

And, bless her little furry heart, she even included something for me!


Claudia’s Handpainted Sock Yarn in…I love this…colorway “OOPS!”. This yarn has the most amazing scent and I wish I could get a hold of the fine people at Claudia’s to ask what that scent might be. I had bought some of the yarn a few years back and it smelled the same. SSSNNNNUUUUUURRRRRFFFFF. Heavenly!

Of course, Wesley loves everything INCLUDING the tissue paper that everything was wrapped in. He was jumping and leaping just to get to it.

Young love…ahhhhhh!

He’s giddy with it!

p.s. Binky – please don’t spend your allowance on a guy! Bury it in your litter box for a rainy day.

p.p.s. But THANK YOU! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Spring Lovin’

  1. Little yellow thing…. fun fun fun. They are similar to the tabs you pull off plastic milk bottles – Binky & Scrappy heart them.

    Binky says purr purr.


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