What Would You Do?


Wes, with all of his 9 lbs., set off the motion sensor at 5:30 am. I think he has his own ideas of when we should be getting up. Tom, while trying to be quiet when getting to bed, forgot not to set the motion sensor.

They’re in it together. Sleep is highly overrated. Tell the bags under my eyes.

Then the neighbor’s dog started to bark at 7:10.

No, not the Boxer house. That’s neighbor #2. This was neighbor #1, with the black lab. Try and keep up.

All of this when the alarm clock was set for 7:30.

At 8:50, the dog was still barking. Now, instead of being supremely ticked, I thought that something might be wrong over at #1’s house (other than the obvious social issues). It was only about 29 degrees outside and I couldn’t blame the poor dog for wanting to be inside.

So I drove myself around the block (No, I wasn’t being lazy. 29 degrees isn’t walkin’ weather for me.) and rang their doorbell. Waited. Rang again.

Nothing. Just a dog in the yard that wasn’t happy that I was in its driveway.

Back home to give Tom the report. (He was doing the dishes. I wasn’t going to stop THAT from going on by having him go over.) We decided that we should call the local police and tell them.

Tom made the call and 2 minutes later the dog stopped barking. RIGHT! Just like when your hair looks all bangin’ and you cancel your haircut and the next day you look like Shaggy in Scooby Doo…and can’t get another appointment for 2 weeks!

Tom calls the police back and says “All’s quiet now.”. We figure that’s that.

3 minutes later the dog starts barking again AND the doorbell rings. It’s the police!! RUN!!!

I go thru the whole explanation with the officer and while we’re talking he gets a squawk telling him that we called to say it’s quiet. While this is going on I hear someone over at #1 saying something about the dog. 2 seconds later another squawk saying that the father-in-law said that they forgot to let the dog in.

HOW DO YOU FORGET TO LET IN A DOG THAT’S BEEN BARKING FOR 2 HOURS? And why don’t you answer your doorbell? Were you unable to hear it over the barking?

To end the insanity the officer has to take my information, including my birthdate. Sure. Add insult to injury. Couldn’t he tell that by the rings around my eyes?

So, do you think the neighbor will thank us for checking up on them? Or should we just have let the dog keep barking until it keeled over? Will they keep a better eye out and let their dog in sooner? Will one of the Presidential candidates say “Let me akse you a question.” and seal my vote for the other person?

What would you do?


Regarding Rox’s post and Shan’s comment:

There was hardly any arm twisting. Pay no attention to that restraining order.

6 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. What a terrible sleeples night! This reminds me as to why its good not to have any pets… Although I am very much a dog lover! and Lil’ Cowboy has anounced that he LOVES cats!

  2. I love how you just leave out the part about your arm twisting and how you made those ‘pills’ for me! So very sweet – Thank YOU!

  3. OMG — no wait O-M-G! How can you forget your dog ever? And add to it the cold weather and not answering the doorbell. Sheeshers. Hope the coppers were cool with it all.

  4. Seriously, how does someone forget? I go ballistic when Gracie is barking outside…drives me nuts. Not really a sound that you can block one’s hearing. Geesh.

    Hope you get some rest soon…

  5. Poor thing…hopefully last night was better. As for the neighbors and their dog…some folks just dont get it do they?

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