Just So You Know

I really hate it when people take photographs while they’re driving.


I took this picture on my way home from Starbucks…um…while I was waiting at a light. It’s the former plant for Dixie Cup Corporation. See the cup? When they closed the plant they left the lovely skeleton of a factory behind.

And you thought Easton was only about Binney & Smith.

This week Tom’s been on a golf hiatus that was Laurie self-imposed. The weather being so nice means that it’s getting close to planting time. (Pay no never mind to the fact that seeds have not been started yet. That doesn’t happen until April. So there.)

He’s made some progress in only 3 days.


Can you see him it?


He didn’t really mind getting barked at by the neighbor’s Boxer but it made me order some reed fencing to put on that side of the garden so I can have quiet – other than my iPod – when I turn into farmer girl.

I hope it gets here before planting time.

I do have some knitting content. Here’s a photo of a sock in progress.


It’s not MY sock, it’s Jane’s. I’ve been teaching her how to do the magic loop method and she was at a stand still when she got to the heel. She’s making progress and once she gets thru the first pair of socks she’ll be a pro.

And multiple socks in progress.


It’s my attempt at 2 socks on 1 circular. Nope. Didn’t get far.

We were at Barnes & Noble so I had the book in front of me. I didn’t really get to do much (see “teaching” explanation above) and I might try it on my own if I get the time.

How was I supposed to concentrate when there was a lemon-cherry pound cake calling my name? Sigh. Gotta love B&N’s cafe.

6 thoughts on “Just So You Know

  1. Yikes! That is some serious guerilla gardening! The boxer would drive me nuts (get some bitter apple for him!). Luna is slowly learning about the boundaries in the garden, she’s inconsistent (as am I about reinforcing), but good enough so that I’ve got healthy plant coming in.

  2. Beep beep you’re holding up the intersection taking pics! 🙂 I wonder if that cup is as big as the new one in Forks Township?

  3. We have many lovely skeletons in Central New York. Unfortunately our senator, Hillary Clinton, cares more about the rest of the US than she does her own state. It’s a disaster here. We’ve had several major closings while she’s been out campaigning, and she has yet to comment or take action to save jobs.

  4. I’d like to know your secret on how to get the man of the house to do the clearing of the garden – for some reason I just can’t get mine out there. ;o)

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