Yeah…I got nothing

Nope. Nothing here.

Doing little knitting.

Made lots of markers to update the shoppe (don’t even go there now, it’s so bare) and have to get them photographed.

Ruined the pot roast (sorry Shan) but the potatoes and carrots are great and the house smells amazing.

All bleary eyed from the daylight “savings” change (is my bank account larger now?). That and the security alarm going off again. Somehow, I’m not feeling very secure. Thoughts of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” comes to mind. Seriously, we get up and shut it off before we even leave the bedroom (no bad people saw that, right?).

I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome of Project Runway but I’m looking forward to Top Chef Chicago. So much that I did this…


You have to go to the Top Chef site to see who you are. I won’t tell anyone. But do you think they’ll try something like this?

3 thoughts on “Yeah…I got nothing

  1. I hate daylight savings time. Unless it is fall and we get another hour of sleep.

    This one just stinks though.

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