Another Kind Of Award

This morning, Tom heard this thru the bathroom door.

And the winner of the Thursday Stupid Move Award goes to….


I’d like to thank the cat for waking us up at 5:50 this morning, by setting off the security alarm. Without his help and my inability to fall back asleep, I would have never been eligible for this award.

I would have never gotten into the shower, put shampoo in my hands and then started washing my face with it.

I’m glad I was able to make a come-back from last month, when I wasn’t nominated for getting into the shower, putting exfoliating face wash in my hands and then rubbing it into my hair.

I’d also like to thank my husband for (MUSIC RISES) without his help (HOOK APPEARS ON STAGE) been able…ARGHHH!!!”

Embarrassed, Wes covers his face with his tail.

“My Mom – She won a Stoopie!”

5 thoughts on “Another Kind Of Award

  1. Yeah, my cat’s a total pain in the winter too. He’s an outdoor cat but never believes that its cold. So in the winter he wakes us up almost every night arround 3 or 4 demanding to go out. Luckily he’s really fuzzy and cute or he’d be out on his ass!

  2. lol – maybe you need a label maker with REALLY BIG print for your shower stuff so you can read it with your eyes half open… *runs*

  3. Aww….Wes is so cute when he is ashamed of his Momma. He knows in his heart though that his Mom is da bomb!

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