One Word Tag Time

Emma tagged me. I guess she thinks I needed something to blog about – she’s right! 🙂

This is the One Word Challenge – answer the questions using only one word. Okay, here goes –

1.Where is your cell phone? Chair

2. Your significant other? Golf

3. Your hair? Cut-worthy

4.Your mother? Bowling

5.Your father? Bowling

6. Favorite thing? Fossil

7.Dream last night? Oy

8.Favorite drink? Latte

9.Your dream/goal? Health

10.Room you’re in? Den

11.Your ex? Which?

12.Your fear? Fire

13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Warm

14. Where were you last night? Den

15.What you’re not? Tall

16.Muffins? Banana

17.One of your wish list items? Paint

18.Where you grew up? LI

19. The last thing you did? DVD’s

20. What are you wearing? Jeans!

21.Your TV? Many

22.Your pet? Hiding

23.Your computer? Awesome

24.Your life? Busy

25.Your mood? Floofy

26.Missing someone? Yes

27.Your car? Love

28.Something you’re not wearing? Make-up

29.Favorite store? B&N

30.Your summer? SOON

31.Like someone? Yup

32.Your favorite color? Red

33.When is the last time you laughed? Morning

34.Who will/would repost this? Lisa!!!

3 thoughts on “One Word Tag Time

  1. Floofy – definately. But is cut-worthy one word? I find that reading others one word answers are intriguing – what kind of car? Where would you be being warm? And yes, I’m short too. This was fun. 🙂

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