Commercial Break

Last night I watched the Super Bowl. Well, not so much watched as listened. OK. I didn’t really listen. Tom was at work – but he wouldn’t have watched either.

What I did was have it on while I read my book and then watched the commercials. I heard all the highlights so I knew the score, while enjoying Book 4 of the Hollows saga.

My favorite commercials:
Bridgestone – Squirrel
Diet Pepsi – What Is Love (Not so much most of it but I loved the ending with Chris Kattan)
Bud – Rocky the horse
Life Water – Thriller
Bridgestone – Headlights
Tide – Stain

Could have done without:
E-Trade – Baby (I hated Bob the baby. Why would I like this spewing brat?)

You KNOW some jackass is going to try it:
Gatorade – Thirsty Dog (Really folks. No Gatorade for the dog, ok?)
Amp – Jumpstart (But if someone is stupid enough to try, they deserve the fried nipples)

What were your favs and not-so-favs?

4 thoughts on “Commercial Break

  1. Nope .. I didnt even catch the commercials. D did, but was unimpressed. Of course, I wasn’t sure who he was, he’s never sat through a football game the entire time I’ve known him … aieeeeeeeee! Alien in the house!!!

  2. I didn’t watch the Superbowl. Actually, I don’t watch any TV so I’m usually out of the loop when people talk about TV related things.

  3. I missed them. 😦
    I only watched the last two minutes so I would know what mood my husband would be in when he got home from his superbowl party. That would be a BAD mood.

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