Award Month

The loverly Lori has bestowed me with this award.


And now I get to choose 10 of my own to shower with flowers. This is great because I had more than 10 for the “You Make Me Smile” and now I can spread the joy!

I may fall behind but it’s like pulling up a chair, picking up my needles and having some chocolate when I read…

Liz, Ann and Mo – Crossroad Knits
Kristine – Fuzzy Yellow Knits
Holli – Holli Yeoh Knits
Erin – My Best Friend’s a Dork
Abi – SpiderWomanKnits
Alison – the blue blog
Laurie – Alarming Female
Tracing – Beautiful Things
Jessica – Common Threads
Jenn – Duck ‘n Run Designs

A real post should be here by Saturday. Go. Have fun. Smell some flowers.

7 thoughts on “Award Month

  1. I was on the other list.

    I’m a moron.

    This is not a secret.


    Just happy to be on any list of yours…. 🙂

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