Is It Legal?

I’m BACK, baby!

Finally feeling better (it’s been an on/off kind of thing, this week) and thanks for all of the well wishes.

So, this week I:

Started Wes on his antibiotics. FYI to the antibiotics company. Make them so they match denim because that’s where most of it ends up when “administering”.

Went to B&N and knit with Jane. An elderly gentleman tried to pick us up but we behaved…and then his wife woke him up and said she was ready to go home. So B&N is like big-person daycare. Drop ’em off at the comfy chairs and pick ’em up when you’re done.

Had lunch with Vegas Sandy – she is so much fun that I forgive her for going to Vegas, this year, without me. 🙂

Bowled. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Got the cutest bookmark, ever! Look for it in future posts. I’m imagining “Where’s Waldo” type appearances.

Finished Koolhaas #3 and went back to working on the alpaca scarf.

Took Jane to Mountain Knits & Purls and didn’t buy ANYTHING. Jane got a few things and I gave her my discount card for their big sale. Now she’s going to try to learn Magic Loop and from there we’ll progress to cables. She’s excited and I’m always glad to enable a new knitter.

Which brings us to today. Today I knew I was “back”. Today I went to Sephora and spent LOTS of money. I was there so long that I started to get hungry, the Sales Associates were calling me by my first name and I had worn tracks in their floor. I had SO much fun that I wondered if it was legal. And almost 4 hours later, Discover card a pile of melted plastic, I’m still on a Sephora high.

6 thoughts on “Is It Legal?

  1. So glad to hear you are finally back to your old self:) I LOVE Sephora! Its like Makeup Heaven–man are your right about being able to drop a pretty penny in that store! The best lipstick I ever got was from Sephora by Anna Sui. I purchased for my wedding. I still have about half a tube somewhere.

  2. Good job, kicking that cold’s butt. I personally think that if you had gone to Sephora earlier, you would have recovered faster. Because who could fail to feel good there? B&N is a good idea to hang out and knit. Starbucks is me and my friends usual choice, but I think thats mostly for convenience – Starbucks are everywhere and the B&N is not.

  3. Glad to hear you’ve made a recovery! You’ll probably be astonished to hear: I’ve never been in a Sephora store… (!!!)

    I’ve given you my “You Make My Day” award (awww!) over on my blog if you want to pick it up 🙂

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