Bits and pieces Part I

So, bits and pieces later I forgot to say what those bits and pieces were, in my 12/26 post!

It’s a “Legare 47” antique circular sock knitting machine. Tom bought it in….um….maybe July(?) and it’s been “acclimating” in the house. We decided to unpack it on Christmas and see what’s what. Everything looks like it’s in good shape but we needed to order new needles – there were a lot of broken or bent ones in the box. Needles should arrive next week and then we’ll try doing something other than using it as a door stop.

This wasn’t a Laurie purchase. I told Tom about Jess‘s and he got a real bug in his bonnet to get one. (No, he doesn’t wear a bonnet. They just don’t make them in his size. LOL.) He found the machine on e-bay and I decided that I’d wait to get a spinning wheel and let him have his fun. I’ve got so much sock yarn that a little crankin’ isn’t going to put much of a dent in it, anyway. I might even have to get MORE yarn because we’ll have to have a machine stash and a handknitting stash. Oh, the horror.

Speaking of horror. I ordered some beautiful sock yarn from an Etsy shop. Don’t roll your eyes at me! I used MY Etsy shop money so it really doesn’t count as MY purchase, right?

Anywho, I got the yarn today and it smells…no…REEKS of stale cigarette smoke. I was very upset and thought of returning the yarn right away. I wrote to the owner of the shop and will see what she says. In the meantime it’s outside on the deck, airing out. If I take the yarn, in it’s tied-up-in-a-skein form and soak it in Eucalan or SOAK, will that get rid of the odor?

I’ve never pre-washed yarn and don’t want to have it bleed or anything. It’s multi-colored hand-dyed.

Suggestions from the dyers out there?

5 thoughts on “Bits and pieces Part I

  1. That would make me sooo mad. The cig smoke thing that is! I would wash/soak it in Eucalan. May hang it outside before and after wash too. How annoying!

    Circ sock knitting machine….dying to see that!

  2. Ok, I’m not a knitter or a dyer, but I’ve handled stinky fabric before and the same rules may apply. Pack it in an air tight container with baking soda (they make a refrigerator box with a vent so you dont get soda on your yarn) Also good are the bags of volcanic rock and activated charcoal that are sold to reduce the smell in closets. All that being said, sunning on the deck is a fine idea too. Good luck!

  3. oh ew. I’d be beyond pissed and writing to return it. ew.

    I’m so glad to see the Legare out of the box!! Yay! :o))

    Did you watch the ‘how to knit on a CSM’ mini movies on YouTube? They help a lot…

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