Love letter

Dear Binky –


I sit here at “my” computer, marveling at your bravery, bendy-ness and kick ass decorating sense. If I was allowed to use the phone I’d be calling Martha Stewart to book you on her show.

I don’t know what your Mom is complaining about. After all, you were just trying to get a cobweb or something. It’s much easier for you to get up there than for her, right? (Just between you and me, I’ve read her “A-Team” story and I don’t think YOU’RE the one that needs a time-out.) She should be thinking about the time you SAVED her.

It’s OK about our date. It’s really cold here and I don’t want to freeze what used to be my kitty bits off. But we will be together, my sleek ebony goddess.


3 thoughts on “Love letter

  1. Ah Wesley. You understand me so well. Kitty bits or none, you will always be my guy.

    I really was trying to dust the chandelier. There was uhm, cobwebs and stuff. And yeah, it ended unfortunately. But I tried.

    Hugs lovah.


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