It was rough

I survived!

I can’t even tell you if the medicine worked. It took 2 hours before the “eye” headache went away. Then I had banging-head-on-wall pain at the base of my skull for another 2 hours before that went away. So, if you count 4 hours result time as “working” then, yup, it worked.

However, 2 hours later I started having the eye pain again and went to bed.

Today I’ve got the “day after a migraine” stuff going on. Weak, shaky, tummy upset. And some eye pain along with being so foggy that I’ll open a program on my computer and then can’t remember what I was going to do.

Waiting for doc to call me about CAT results.

On the up-side, I got a call from my LYS about selling my markers at their classes. I only hope I remember the call when my brain stops spinning.

I hear my chair calling me. It says I should go and read a book and it will cradle me in its comfy goodness.

I hear.

And I obey.

7 thoughts on “It was rough

  1. I’m glad you got some relief, but it sounds like the medicine wasn’t really worth it. Hope you get some good results from the CAT and they can help you out!
    (Listen to the chair, it sounds like a reasonable piece of furniture.)

  2. Sorry to hear you’re having such debilitating headaches. I know how that is. The migraine medication only really works for me if I catch it before one starts. If I take a pill when I’m in the full swing of one, it doesn’t do much.

  3. I used to get incredible migraines and often too. I went to a migraine clinic a few years back and asked if they had any natural cures. They suggested I start taking a 100 mg vitamin B2 each morning and I have not had a migraine since.

  4. Guess what? I was at Kraemers today and Eileen showed us your stitch markers. I love them! I bought #113. They are beautiful.


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