Unhand that eyeball

To the person that’s been using my eyeballs to play table tennis…COULD YA STOP ALREADY?!?!?!?!?!

It’s been a week of pain and today I went back to the allergist. He laughed at my “Jinx” theory and then I kicked him in the nuts. He wasn’t so sure it’s a sinus infection. Might be migraines. So he gave me a sample pill to try and then proceeded to scare the crap out of me with the possible side effects when it starts to work. Then he sent me for a cat scan.

(Me and Giles (gone but not forgotten) with a completely different type of cat scan)

It took me 3 hours to build up the nerve to take the pill but the headache is just too much. I took the pill and Tom’s not allowed to go anywhere in the house until I’m sure I don’t have any of the potential side effects – like dying. So we’ll see if the headache goes POOF! before I do.

Morbid much?

5 thoughts on “Unhand that eyeball

  1. Hope you don’t die! 🙂 Migraines are the worst. Recently went into the doc for my headaches and had a similar experience. Gave me a special new pill for the next time I woke up with one of the super bad ones. Still haven’t taken it because it makes me nervous! Good luck and I hope your pain subsides.

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