Before I forget

My Mom has a friend (we’ll call her “V”) that lives in Brazil. V. had purchased a dog from us almost 30 years ago and they’ve been friends ever since.

V had a litter of puppies (show dogs) – 15 weeks old and almost ready to go home with their new parents. She bought some of those “draft stoppers” at her pet store and put them behind the puppy crates to … you ready?… stop drafts. The puppies were puppies and chewed on them, went into convulsions and, after being rushed to the Vet, died.

The pet store said to V, “You shouldn’t have put them on the floor.” (At this point I would have swallowed my tongue from the idiocy of that sentence.)

There’s going to be some analysis of the contents of the draft stoppers…and a lawsuit.

But the upshot of this is, if you have a puppy or a grown dog that chews a lot – and to be safe add cats too – be careful about using draft stoppers. Your fur-kids are too important.

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