Friday highlights

Today, while driving to my SECOND Apple lesson in 1 week (first lesson was cut short by a traffic accident – not mine – that made me 30 minutes late) it was so cold it was SNOWING. Nothing heavy, mind you. But there was WHITE. STUFF. COMING. FROM. THE. SKY.


The stress was eased when I got home and found a box on the front step. A BOX! Can you imagine? Oh. You can, can’t you? But you don’t know what was in it. Nyah, nyah.


It was my Knitters’ Coffeeswap 3 package!

Barbara went nuts with the treats and I was able to wait 5 minutes to take a photo before digging in. Don’t worry, Wes didn’t get into any of it but he is the inspector.

Milanos, kisses, peppermint patties, peppermint truffles, homemade chocolate mint chip cookies, orange toast (I’ve already asked how she made it), Nestle Treasures Cappuccino Truffle bar, Valrhona dark bar, Lindt dark with orange bar, (deep breath to continue), Anna’s Orange and Chocolate Mint thins, Caribou Reindeer coffee and a skein of Butterfly Super-10 (which I love).

It’s too bad that Tom is working tonight because I’m going to have to make all of these treats VERY welcome by myself.

Snow? What snow?

3 thoughts on “Friday highlights

  1. Wonderful coffee surprise. I just started drinking coffee this year and wonder why I never tried it before.

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