Saturday Cereal Quiz and CONTEST

Saturday Morning Cereal Quiz

What’s your score? I only got 35%! But in my defense, we didn’t have a lot of cereal when I was growing up – not even sure I’m done growing up – and now we have 4 different cereals in our cabinet.

HEY! I’m going to have a CONTEST!

The person that can guess what cereals we have (or at least 2 out of 4) in our cabinet will win either a set of stitch markers or a cell phone charm. Your choice.

2 guesses per person. To be fair, you can only put 6 cereals into each guess. (Images of e-mails with 50 cereals crossed my mind.)

In case of a tie there will be a drawing for the winner.

Contest will end on November 20th.

Answers will be locked in my kitchen cabinet a fireproof box, however, we will continue to stuff our faces have access to them.

“I’ll bet I know what they are! How does this darned thing work?”

4 thoughts on “Saturday Cereal Quiz and CONTEST

  1. Geez, I get overwhelmed in the cereal aisle, there are too many! But I’ll guess anyway. Let’s see:

    Honey Nut Cheerios
    Golden Grahams
    Rice Crispies
    Blueberry Morning

    Alright, I’ll admit, those are just the ones that have graced our cabinet lately. Interesting contest though!

  2. Ahh… a contest. Lets see. Me thinks you guys seem like you would not be the Frankenberry type. More health foods. Ok, I’m ready.
    Shredded Wheat
    The granola cereal that tastes fab in yogurt – can’t think of the name.
    Special K
    Honey Grahams
    Fruit Loops. You know, because you are what you eat. hehe

    Come on. That was fuuunny!

  3. Hmmm, I’m gonna guess sugary items (because I’m still a kid and like to eat these once in a blue moon!)

    Lucky Charms
    Raisin Bran
    Coco Puffs
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    Honey Bunches of Oats

  4. I tested really badly and I grew up on cereal! Only 22% or something…

    My guess is Something with Granola and Raisin Bran.
    Got to have your fiber:)

    See this is probably why my score was low… I can’t think of one granola mix cereal.

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