Coffee Heaven

The only thing better than being able to walk into Starbucks and say “Hi Mike. Grande, please.”


and getting your mile long description drink, done perfectly, is having one of the other Baristas hand you a snack bag and say “Zero dollars.”


Happy Friday, all!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Heaven

  1. We had a coffee shop like that – they shared space with a breakfast/lunch shop called The Deli. I’d walk in the door and within five minutes, without saying a word, I’d have a Caramel/White Chocolate Cappucino and a bagel with cream cheese.

    They were trying to sell the businesses to some guy who decided to be an assh*le, go over their heads and get the owner of the building to change the lease so they couldn’t afford it anymore. They had to leave, the guy opened up a business that was similar to the coffee/deli place HOWEVER he didn’t take into account the fact that this was a small town and everyone knew what he did.

    He had to close within two years since the only people who would go in there were tourists. ;o)

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