Aw, fooey!

Our wireless internet stopped working on Saturday and Tom finally managed to re-set it today. So I missed a day of NaBloMoPo. Good thing I didn’t formally join, right? I missed a lot more than that because my Bloglines is at 599. I’m kind of afraid to check on my AOL mail since it’s normally at around 100 on a normal day. Damned SPAM. Blech.

Today Tom and I went to the LYS and our dentist, to drop off price lists for his Thanksgiving cheesecakes. He’s really been missing doing this baking and is getting psyched up for Tango Papa Desserts 2007.

We also took a trip to the new LLBean store and spent 3 hours there. A 3 HOURS TOUR! I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Howell paid as much as we did, for their ticket. 🙂

48 degrees tomorrow and I’ve got another golf lesson. The last one ended up kickstarting some arthritis in my right thumb and by the next day it looked like someone had stuck a sausage on my hand instead. Couldn’t even hold a pen. I’ve hit my temperature limit and will probably have the rest of the lessons indoors.

On the brother side of the news, he’s all done with everything. He went back into the city yesterday, to have certain tubes removed along with the staples that were holding him together. All looks clear and he doesn’t have to go back until February. Big sigh of relief!

I’m thinking I should name this month National Babble on the Blog Month. Which, I guess, would be NaBabBloMoPo. Say that 3 times fast.

One thought on “Foo!

  1. Hmmmm cheesecake, I wonder if I could arrange to be in your part of the country around the right time 😉

    Wonderful news about bro … I’m sure you are all sleeping easier.

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