No much knitting

OK. I finally gave in. After 3 weeks of having my eyes rule my life – No Stitches, no Rhinebeck, minimal knitting, early to bed – I finally went to the eye doc. So now we’re doing a “full court press” (his words). Steroid drops, another plug in the left eye – it came out last year in the Great Pink Eye Debaucle – and warm compresses. He tried to put in 2 upper lid plugs but they didn’t want to go in. It was pretty uncomfortable and I don’t recommend it. 😛

If all of that doesn’t work we may try contact lenses. I used to wear contacts and had to stop because of the dry eye but he said that maybe they will work in reverse and would keep the moisture on my eye. I’m game if he is.

After that he said he’s out of ideas and will have to refer me to a “plastics guy”. So I guess I get to have a face lift and a nose job! Not sure how a plastics guy will help and I’ll have him explain more, if it comes to that.

So there’s the reason for not much knitting content. But I’ve got some new yarn so stand by for some flashing.

4 thoughts on “No much knitting

  1. Hey now… Binky still does her steroid eyedrops. Does Tom have to hold you by the scruff of your neck while you fight and howl for freedom as he is forcing the drops into your eyes?

    If so. Pics please. hehe.

    Dry eye… is not fun. Been there and now a permanent resident. Not a lot you can do. My doc said mine is because I don’t blink enough and it could be due to time spent on the computer.

  2. Ok, I was gonna ask something serious, but the image of ‘Tom holding you by the scruff of the neck’ pretty much blasted the comment from my brain!

  3. Ewww…plugs, drops, plastic?! Hey, maybe you will become the bionic woman.

    Hope they get it all figured out and fixed up.

    There’s important things to be done Mr. Eye Doctor!

  4. This is not good! So sorry to hear you are having all this discomfort my friend! I do hope they can fix it quick and without major surgery!

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