Are you SURE it’s November?

It can’t be November, the sweet peas are SO happy.


Another golf lesson, yesterday. I think everybody can thank me for the nice weather. Ya see, I have to use up 3 more lessons before the end of the year and I’m NOT going to do it if the temperature is in the mid-40’s.

And you’re welcome.

Everytime I go TO the lesson I see these guys. But when I’m coming back they’re always gone. I caught them this time.

Here sheepie, sheepie. I have some wool wash for you!!! (This scent is soooooooo nice)

First, I tried to Kennear them. They were unimpressed, and all I got was a shot of the road. I had to get closer by crossing the street.


No idea what kind of sheep and there’s no sign at the house. But one of them was very friendly.

I think it was saying “Sheeeeeeeer Meeeeeee”.


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