My brother had his surgery on Wednesday. I’ve called him every day and while he’s still in a lot of pain, he sounds 200% better than he did on Thursday. He’s been walking laps around the hospital floors and went from 7 laps on Thursday to 18 laps, yesterday.

The doctor said the removed kidney looks “clear” so that’s a great thing. Thanks to everybody for thinking good thoughts and asking how he’s doing.

I think they’re going to send him home tomorrow and I’m pretty sure that’s an insurance company thing. He’s still not sure how he’s going to take care of himself and it’s got to be a scary thing to get discharged before you feel like you’re well enough.

My mom called me at 5pm and told me that he’s on his way home. The hospital was taking him home in a Lincoln Towncar! I’ve never heard of that happening but it’s a nice touch, isn’t it?

I can’t knit when I’m upset but I did find something I can do.


I made stitch markers. And I took them for a ride on Wednesday, to my LYS. 6 sets didn’t make it back. LOL. They’re gone to good homes and that’s why I make them.

I have to update my shoppe but this weekend has delivered a really bad headache and trying to take individual pictures made me want to hurl. Loverly.

Instead I’ll show you some fun things my postal worker recently delivered.


It’s scary and I won’t open it until it gets dark on Wednesday. Promise, Rox! I might even wait until Thursday just to be sure to avoid the (ominous music) Cuuurrrrrse of the Winged Thinnnnnnngs. BWAAAAAA!!!

This beautiful set came from Jane. She put magnets on the back so they’re going to find a home on the fridge. They’re half of a swap and she’s getting her goodies once she’s moved.

Just because I make them doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy other people’s markers. Melissa and I did a marker swap. Check out her shop. These are SO cool!



Finally, this comic must have been written just for me and my “double tall, decaf, non-fat, light whip, extra hot, vanilla mocha”.


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. Glad your brother is doing better!
    The stitch markers are indeed beautiful, and I like the ones you received as well 🙂
    I used to be a coffee shop girl, and I have to say that the folks who know exactly what they want are MUCH easier to serve than the “I don’t know, just make me something good…” people!

  2. Love the all the booty! The markers are incredible and the magnets are TDF! So adorable!

    Hey those skull markers are the bomb!

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