Illness/Injury/Whatevs = 3
Rhinebeck = 0

Mom came out on Friday (her new car is BEAUTIFUL!) and we had some fun doing Mom/daughter stuff. Lunch at Wegman’s (chinese buffet – yum), shopping for munchies for the Rhinebeck ride, Kohl’s, Starbucks.

Then back to the homestead so I could show her the new BlueAnt bluetooth for her car. It’s the coolest thing EVER! All of you people that drive with the phone to your ear – STOP IT! Getting a ticket or having an accident while on the phone has got to cost more than the “Ant”. Clip this to your visor and you’re good to go.

We got to bed late because we waited for Tom to get home from work (11:45pm). I got a whole 90 minutes of sleep (no idea why – I even got up and took something to help me sleep and it didn’t work), woke up with a raging headache, wonky left eye and cramps. The TRIFECTA! LOL! I went downstairs to tell Mom and she said she was worried about walking a lot because her ankle was bothering her. And THAT was the end of Rhinebeck for this year.

I took the snacks and camera out of my bag. Broke the news to Drew (my GPS) that we weren’t going and then attempted to salvage the day. We did a good job of it, too.

We went to Kraemer’s. Mom got some yarn and I bought this beautiful Elsebeth Lavold book at 50% off.

They’re doing a lot of work at Kraemer’s so most of their yarn is gone, except for the store brands. Once they finish renovating they’ll be back in action.

More lunch at Wegman’s and then we went bowling! Mom and I used to bowl in a league together and she said she missed doing that, so she brought one of her bowling balls with her. Usually we never get the time to bowl but this was “Let’s make up for not going to Rhinebeck, Saturday”. So we did.


Dumb ten pin. We saw too many of these standing.

We bowled 2 games. She won the first and I won the second. Nice and fair, right? I won’t tell you that my average is 50 pins higher than hers. I won’t, I tell you!

Another stop at Starbuck’s and then back to the house. We were WORN. OUT. and it felt like we were 2 kids that refused to take their nap. We were fighting staying awake from about 4pm, on. Whining about how tired we were. Poor Tom came home from work around 9:30 and were were zombies. But zombies that had a good visit.

In the last week or so I’ve gotten a little bit of yarn.


This gorgeous, soft, sheepy smelling yarn is from Lori at From The Wool Room. Colorway: Fireweed. The colors make me happy!

And I got just a “teensy” bit of Wollmeise that required “inspection”.



I love that the colors come in 3 different “intensity” shades. These are Birkenrinde (dark), Rosenrot (medium), and Zenzi (dark). I’ve got about 10 more in my “cart” but will get them a little at a time.

Of course, I DID save all of that money by not going to Rhinebeck….

7 thoughts on “Stats

  1. Well, at least you’re looking on the bright side. Sorry you couldn’t make it. Hopefully we’ll see you there next year!

  2. Wow! Sounds like fun … and like you ended up doing a fair amount of walking anyway-lol.

    Fireweed’s colors would make me happy too, but the reds are stunning 🙂

  3. Oh ohoh purty stuff!!! LOL.

    A couple of us did Poor Man’s Rhinebeck – aka the Inspirations Festival – mostly sewing stuff but some nice knitting stuff to. Will have to get my a$$ in gear and blog it all…

  4. Sounds to me like you have yourself one fabulous Mom Laurie!! Believe it or not, that makes you very blessed indeed. Treasure it as I’m certain you already do.

  5. That’s too bad that you couldn’t make it. Although it sounds like you had a wonderful time with your Mom doing equally as important things as buying yarn!

    Enjoying the Historian? I really enjoyed that one.

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