I’ve got the Touch


Nothing comes into the house without thorough inspection. But now…I’ve got the Touch.


But have to learn how to use it. Yesterday I was playing with it and found out that it may not work so well with Bloglines. Yup. Again. POOF! Gone. I saw that there were 60 to read and then…nada. Sigh.

During the week Tom and I had lunch with his Dad to celebrate his 75th birthday and then HAD to visit a dear, dear friend. The Bakery in Plainview, NY. Hugs all around.


Tom looks happy (if not a bit orange – dumb camera), no? Chocolate chip cookies bound for the freezer.

Thursday was bowling. Somehow, I could do no wrong. I bowled my first 200 of the season and then had 2 very good games for a 576 series. Maybe this year I’ll get my first 600.

More golf shopping during the week and a lesson on Saturday.

Here’s some of my golf “stash” – is there such a thing?

Notes from my first 2 lessons.


My cool green putter.

So it’s not jealous, a shot of my other putter. Philly Mc. Yup. Philly McPutter. It’s the same one that Phil Mickelson uses. Get it? ha ha ha.

And the perfect place for a “Think Pink” pin.

Wonder where my yarn money is going?

This week’s line up is a 3-day Atlantic City trip (I’m bringing my knitting bag and plan to get a lot of the vest done), bowling and then….who knows?

Rhinebeck looms and Mom’s all excited about going. Me too!

6 thoughts on “I’ve got the Touch

  1. Oh My God. I WANT a cookie like that!

    Makes me want to go visit all my family in NY….just for a cookie!

    Greg would be so happy if I would get into golf. I just don’t know if I want to.

    Oh and the owner of WEBS left a comment on my blog….go read!

  2. Holy cripes … are those ‘two person cookies’?

    That’s quite a ‘golf stash’ 🙂

    Congrats on the 200, I’ve been maddenly close, but never thrown one mysef. These day’s I’d be lucky to break 100, hehe.

  3. You know, I’d like to comment on everything but I really … really can’t get past the chocolate chip cookies.

    So. Many. Cookies. Sigh.

  4. So does this mean I’m going to be seeing you on television competing in ladies golf in the near future then? Those cookies look so good Laurie! Actually, Tom’s face says it all.

    btw…Sooty is the second color over from the right of the photo.

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