The fast and the furious


Endoscopy revealed a Hiatal Hernia. That accounts for the horrible pain I’d been having. Meds are working and the pain and nausea, as well as reflux seem to be under control.

Brothers cold is going away and his surgery is scheduled for middle of October. Rhinebeck Friday is the first one. He’s getting things straightened out at home so the extra time was something he needed. Thanks for all of the kind words – they really mean a lot.

I caddied for Tom on Monday, for the Lehigh Valley Amateur, and had a great time! I ate a hot dog, hamburger, cheese/peanut butter crackers and a power bar. I’d have to say that caddying is great if you like to eat. Well, that’s how I do it. 🙂

Tom’s been making me golf clubs and I’ve almost got a full set. (Yes, he’s been teaching me how to play – it’s been a secret.) I’ve had one professional lesson and we’ve been having lots of fun buying accessories, as well. And by “we” I mean “me”. Shoes, bag, cart, towel. I’ve even got 2 different putters. I may not be able to play well but I’m well equipped! However…and you can bank on this…you won’t be seeing me in a skort unless, by some miracle, 15 lbs. evaporate from my body. Cooler weather is coming so I’ve got time to work on that one.

Remember that great experience I had with the Apple store at the Short Hills Mall? Well FEH to that! The last time I went the Apple Creative (their fancy-schmancy word for the person that helps you learn the Mac) made a follow-up appointment for me. It took us 90 minutes to get to the store for that appt. only to find that the Creative was not there that day. Can you say PISSED? I know you can. Luckily, we just had an Apple store open at the mall that’s 15 minutes from the house. Tried to get there for the t-shirt giveaway but the line was SOOOOOOO long that we went back an hour later. Nice store. Nice people. And I’ve got a lesson set-up for this week. No more driving over an hour! I’m so happy!

We’re finally giving in and replacing our Whirlpool Duet clothes washer. If you’ve got a front loader make sure you can leave the door open, with good ventilation. We have our washer/dryer in a double-width closet. Hardly any clearance for it to stay open. They grow mold when you do that. Stinky mold that can’t be gotten to. I had to make 3 calls to Whirlpool (in 1 day) only to be told that it’s, indeed, a problem with the front loaders. The only way to get rid of the mold is to make a service call appointment. They can come out and take the machine apart but they won’t clean it for you. You have to do that. And no matter how many bleach or vinegar washes you do, you won’t get rid of the smell because it’s in an outer drum that never really empties. And you don’t want to leave the door open when it starts to smell. Catch-22 Mold! I know, lovely story. Tell it to your kids at bedtime.

There’s been a bit of knitting but it’s all on the vest. It hasn’t stopped me from ordering knitting books and patterns. And, once Wollmeise opens their shop again, I’m OFF to the races! Winter’s coming and we can always use more insulation.

Pictures to follow….but not of the mold, ‘k?

4 thoughts on “The fast and the furious

  1. That’s the best way to do it..buying accessories. (that’s half the fun of doing anything – looking like you are equipped for it!). 🙂

    May I ask what you are replacing your washer/dryer with? Ours is leaking and we have been looking. Front loaders are too short for me, but have been looking at the top loader with no agitator bar. Thanks for the tip on the front loader.

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