How drunk am I?

This is my current state of Drunken(Argyle)-ness.

Front and back, I’m flashing it all!



I’m still enjoying it and am planning on making one for myself. I’m thinking Socks That Rock or Wollmeise.

I even blocked this yesterday.


It’s been “acclimating” for about 2.5 years. Yes. I said years. I have a blocking/finishing phobia, ok? My hope is to finish it for Rhinebeck. Sleeves are already done so I just have to sew together (ACK!) and do the neck & band.

My Mac session went well, this weekend. I hated the drive to the Short Hills Mall and when we got there I told Tom I’d never make the trip again…

So, of course, I’m going back! The person training me was so good that I have to keep going. Now I’m going to start to learn Dreamweaver 8. I need it for updating our home biz web site and I won’t be deterred!

Have a good week! Knit happy!

8 thoughts on “How drunk am I?

  1. Is it that you are afraid to block? Or afraid that after blocking it won’t fit?

    Just curious! I love that purple-y colour (or at least that’s what I’m getting on my screen).

  2. WOW! I have the afraid-to-finish phobia thing, too. Except it hits pre-blocking – usually about one inch or sometimes on section (like an arm) from finishing. I think it’s fear of not having enough yarn or not fitting. But it’s interesting to know I’m not alone. Drunken argyle was in my cue, too, but I never quite got up the nerve to face all the ends. So, anyway, now that I’ve bored you to death with my lifestory… thanks for coming by my blog! LOVE yours! I think I’ve been here before, though. It looks familiar. Oh, and is LimaPop a reference to my adopted homeland of Peru, by any chance?

  3. Laurie…you are doing a fabulous job on both of these projects!!! Don’t be havin a drink or six when you’re doing that argyle…ness eh?? You better get yourself over to because you have a serious choice to make in your life today…smile.

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