Holy Kick Myself In The Head, Batman!!!!

I just worked on a post for 20 minutes. Somehow was distracted (cat on counter, Tom calling me, pretty bird flying by window) and closed down the WRONG window in Safari and lost the whole post. Luckily I was still able to look at Rox‘s post and her cool new neckwear.

Sigh. Something else to talk to Apple about, when I go tomorrow for my “lesson”.

Let’s try to pick up the pieces and begin again…

I got my Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap package, from Kristan, in Paducah, KY.

You know Paducah, right? It’s Halfway Between Possum Trot and Monkey’s Eyebrow! Damn, I love that!!

OK. So, first there’s the fantastically cool bag that everything came in. It has snaps so you can fold down the sides. Great for taking photos of the contents.


Hot pink outside, bright orange inside. Stuffed with goodness.


aMAIZing yarn in a pretty blue/green/white colorway. I’ve never used this yarn and will be looking for a project that isn’t CORNy. (oh! did you see what I did there? I made a rotten joke!)

Superman stickers and a Superman cookie – from across the river in Metropolis, IL!

Pretty smelling soap in Oats & Honey scent. A packet of travel soap strips. (sniff, sniff, I swear I showered today!)

Chocolate “worlds”, a packet of tissues with a 60’s picture on them. A Paducah magnet. A LMAO postcard (see? It really does say “Halfway Between Possum Trot and Monkey’s Eyebrow”!)


And a fantastic t-shirt from her LYS, With Ewe in Mind.

A great package! Thanks Kristan – even though you wouldn’t send me Dippin’ Dots thru the mail. LOL.

I also got my “prize” package from Marisol, for donating to the Walkathon that her DH and son are going to be in this weekend.


Yarn Botanika sock yarn in Rum Raisin, a License To Knit plate and the neatest dpn’s I’ve ever seen. They flex, they bend, they match the yarn! They’re Comfort Zone dpn’s, from Knitting on the Go and are made of “space-age polymer”. Marisol is not stingy with the prizes, I’ll tell you that!

OK. I just found out that the new Knitty is out and I’ve got to go and plan some yarn usage.

Happy Weekend to all…and to all a good knit.

7 thoughts on “Holy Kick Myself In The Head, Batman!!!!

  1. Lots of good stuff!! :o)

    If you use Firefox as a browser instead of Safari it remembers what page you had open if you click the wrong button…just sayin’ ;o) However, it doesn’t recover any unsaved stuff…so save early and often! :o)

  2. Wow, what a great package! I love Paducah, we used to travel through there on the way to MO when I was little (yeah, a million years ago) The Quilt Museum is there adn Hancocks of Paducah … a huge fabric store (hey, I’ve got my priorities)

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