Ready the DVR’s!

For all of you Alton Brown fans, get your DVR’s warmed up. Today’s the Feasting on Asphalt, Season 2 Marathon! 4pm – 10pm.

Be there or be hungry!


When Anthony Bordain says something like this…

“I should point out, by the way, that I’m guest judging again next week. Which means I know what happens. And while I am precluded from discussing future broadcasts by a confidentiality agreement rivalling the NSA’s in the severity of its penalties for unauthorized disclosure, I can reveal this: There will be a SlaughterFest of Horror, an Orgy of Bloodletting, Partial Nudity, Flammable Liquids, Unspeakable Misuse of Power Tools and Small Woodland Creatures, and the Plaintive Wailing of the Doomed. It will make Altamont look like Lilith Fair.”

How could you NOT want to tune in to next weeks Top Chef?

Yup. This week I’m all about the food.

7 thoughts on “Ready the DVR’s!

  1. I love Alton Brown & I enjoyed watching Feasting On Asphalt the first one last season & the one this season hopefully they make another one

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