Testing, Testing

This post is a tester. It’s not going to be of any interest to anyone. It’s just me typing stuff so I can see if my computer wants to play along. Everything I do is in Firefox, on my MacBook. And since Safari is the “Apple” program, I thought I’d give it a try and see if the glitches show up. Scintillating, right? You can’t wait to see what else I’m going to say. You’re breathless with anticipation. You need to get a life.P1010676_2

Some things are showing up differently but no glitches so far. Now let’s see what happens if I add a link. I know, the excitement is building. But it’s over now. Go back to whatever you were doing before you fell into this pit of boredom.

7 thoughts on “Testing, Testing

  1. Safari has one feature over firefox on either the mac or the pc (now that safari’s on the pc) — and if you’re not a photographer or a photo-looking-at-person, it isn’t all that important.

    Safari respects the colorspace listed in a photo, making the photos (and any other digital media, like illustrations, etc.) look like the person/program creating them meant the photos to look.

    Both firefox and safari do tabs, both do adblocking (with PithHelmet), and both are pretty zippy.

    (Can you tell I’m a mac user? The more I use my mac, the more I dislike windows. :D)

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