Doin’ the Sunday Swelter

No biking changes this week.  Yes.  If I ride in the rain, I WILL melt.

The vest is bouncing along.  The last time I worked on it was Wednesday…or was it Thursday?

Anywho…here’s the new view.


I’ve been going thru some sort of stomach thingy and the only things I’ve wanted to eat have been brownies and salad.  Anybody know the name of that stomach thingy?

I’m sure it hasn’t been helped by the sweltering day that was Saturday.  It was only 106 with the heat index.  Seriously, my jeans were all happy to be out of the closet and now they’re tossed back to the corner.  I miss them but they’re just going to have to be patient.

I did a pretty big update on my shop, today.  Mostly because I sold a bunch at my LYS this week.  It was surprising and got me motivated.

Yesterday I met Chris and Jeanne for lunch.  Not that I ate much but it was still good to get together.  The summer seems to be a great divider this year, with everyone having so much to do.

I’ll post more later in the week.  Something is glitchy with my MacBook and I can’t see what I’m typing…or deleting.


Stay cool, cats.

6 thoughts on “Doin’ the Sunday Swelter

  1. Too much rain, too Hot now! It has been a busy but surprisingly balanced summer – I wouldn’t want it any other way!

  2. It’s not the melting part that keeps me from riding in the rain–it’s those itty bitty tires on rain slick roads. Shudder. The thought alone is scary enough to keep me out of the saddle.

  3. Digging the vest. Digging I say. I hear you on the heat thing – blech. Small consolation that we are getting ready to go into the best part of summer – the end where it slowly crosses over to fall.

    And bike riding weather. 🙂

  4. Oh! I get it. It’s a ‘drunken” argyle, so the diamonds arent’ really diamonds?

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