Random stuff.  Good and bad.

Knitting meeting Saturday.  I showed up.  Just me, myself and I.  We all had fun.  We ate our salad and left 40 minutes later.

Blame Tom, for the constant rain we’ve been having.  He finally said he was going to do yard work this week. Hence the rain.  Thank goodness he’s able to golf today.  He’s a trooper, he is.

Got a little knitting done on Bernie’s, at the doctor’s office.  Seems that taking out the needles worked its magic and they called me in 10 minutes before my appointment.  Also made the nurse hang up her cell phone and talk to me.  The power of the needles.

Have to go for an MRI on Monday. Also need to see a gastroenterologist. Blech.

Mom sent me Baby Ull, for making Sock Monkey socks.  Yeah.  They’re on the list.

Mom got a new car.  She deserves it.  May it keep her safe and cradle her in its new smell.

Found out Brother has cancer and will need to have a kidney removed.  I’m freaking about that.

Vest is moving along.  I can knit 5 – 10 rows a night.  Whoo hoo.

Yeah.  Bitch session is over…but I still feel like one.

8 thoughts on “Random

  1. Oh no! This has to be rough how very stressful. You are entitled to feel the way that you do!

    I hope things get better soon…

  2. OMG I hope your brother’s surgery goes okay…

    Thanks, Tom, for all the freaking rain ;op

    Good luck with the MRI – and I hope your mom enjoys her new car (and that she found her license plate okay…) ;o)

  3. Oikes! Wow – you have had a week. OK, I hope everything is ok with you. And sorry to hear about your brother. I would be freaking out too.

  4. Bitch at will – you certainly need to get it offa you chest. I hope things get better and I’ll send lots of positive thoughts your way!

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