It’s Raining Again

"Oh, it’s raining again
Oh no, my love’s at an end
Oh no, it’s raining again
And you know it’s hard to pretend

Oh no, it’s raining again
Too bad I’m losing a friend
Oh no, it’s raining again
Oh will my heart ever mend"

I sometimes think in song, so thanks to "Supertramp" for my title.

Yeah, I know.  The titles don’t show up until you go back and check my archives.  Can’t figure out how to put them into my template and TypePad just can’t tell me where and how.  Like it’s a national secret or something.  "Don’t tell her where to put the HTML, the Grand Canyon will crumble!"

It’s also 65 degrees but I’m not a Sammy Hagar fan so you’ll just have to sing it by yourself.

Today I’m working, and waiting for the dishwasher repairman.  Yes, it’s surely Monday.  (I know it’s Monday…and stop calling me Shirley!)

Here’s my progress on the vest

After going back and looking at the video on, I’m more confident with my "twists"…even though I’m still twisting at some of the spots she says you don’t have to twist. I’m a rebel.

Pay no attention to the small glitches at the start.  I was a wee bit off in my counts but I’ve straightened them out and am NOT going to frog a weeks worth of knitting.  Nope.  Nope.  Can’t make me.

I may not be knitting very fast but I AM enjoying it, much to my surprise.  I had been writing down the counts for each row and then knitting it but finally started writing out 5 rows at a time so I could have more "flow" to the knitting.  Thank goodness there was an Ice Road Truckers Marathon to help pass the time.

I’ve also picked up one of my UFO’s, for when I don’t have the time, or stamina, for the intarsia.


  Bernie’s Scarf. (Chris got the pattern from the LYS).  The yarn is Cashmere from Belisa Cashmere and it’s actually a dark purple.

OK.  Back to work.

Wes has decided the perfect way to spend the day.




Dreaming of Binky.

5 thoughts on “It’s Raining Again

  1. dreaming of Binky – so are so funny!

    Gotta say that vest looks way, far beyond my skills. Can NOT wait to see it finished!

    Ice Road Truckers – what a strange show, yet I watch religiously. I think its just for the sound of the ice cracking when they first start across the lake. Nail biting stuff. 🙂

  2. Hmmm thats kind of odd about the blog titles… Mine are there as an option right from when you are writing your post? Maybe its a preference feature?

    The sweater looks pretty cool:) Wow Intarsia – I like the color combo you chose.

  3. I love Supertramp! The vest is looking great – but good idea to have another project to make…yumm…cashmere.

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