Sunday Progress

Yesterday, I whipped up these little beauties and the house smelled A M A Z I N G.


And then I did a bit of knitting.  I think I’ve got the system down now and it involves snack bags, a 13 pocket pendaflex folder and colored markers.


And this is what my Mom did last week.  Or what was done to her.


I didn’t have to worry about blanking out her license plate # because it’s attached to her bumper…which is down the street from the car.


The freaky, strange thing about this is that at the same time as the accident, my brother was at his computer, sending me an e-mail saying that Mom was on her way to his house.  And I was sitting with Tom, having dinner, and was telling him that Mom was going to my brother’s house. 


She’s ok, other than missing her car.  Body shop said it will probably be totalled but she’s got to hear it from the insurance company.

And what does she say to me?  That she’s going to rent a car so she can come visit me for Rhinebeck. :-O

Knitters have their priorities straight, I tell ya.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Progress

  1. Oh Man! Tell your Mom that I FEEl her pain:) But hey, I could tag along for Rhinebeck I totally would too! Only issue is that it falls on my anniversary. I am still trying to work on my husband to let me go up there one of these years:)

    Also, cool way of keeping you colors strait! Pretty ingenious actually:)

  2. I’m so happy to hear your Mom is o.k. Laurie!!

    Your knitting is looking very interesting! A little intarsia perhaps?

    I can almost smell your baking girl!!

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