Over a week…

Check out the sidebar for the Stash-A-Go-Go link.  I’m trying to de-stash just a wee bit.  We now return to our semi-regularly scheduled blogging.

So much nothing going on happening. 

No posts in a week because…

– Over a week of headaches and eye problems (which makes me limit my on-line time to less than an hour at a shot).  To find out what my eye feels like you would need to hold your eye open for about a minute, while standing in front of a fan.  Even if I blink, the eye is just not "lubing up" with tears and the day goes down hill from there. 

– In learning Aperture, I accidentally filed all of my most recent photos under "Binky" because I had a lesson and then, 2 days later, forgot to change that heading.  And I don’t want to keep uploading photos onto my computer with that heading.  Not that I don’t LOVE Binky (and her Mom).  It’s just…you know.  DUH!

– Harry Potter (finished in 3 days).

– Problems with our fridge sounding like a lawn mower.  This was the culprit.P1010655 
I think it looks like a mini city.

– A frantic search for something…I can’t tell you what but most of the stores no longer carry them.

– I went with blogless Jane to the LYS.  This LYS is frequently out of needles and has a spotty record when it comes to having yarn in stock.  You know the kind…I need 3 and they only have 2, etc.   It’s a shame because the people that work there are SO nice.  We found yarn and pattern, for a sweater for her new grand-daughter.  I just have to order the needles for her – she doesn’t "computer" either.

– Tom’s birthday is quickly approaching – I’ve cleared the stores of all golf and iPhone related things.

– Much swearing has been going on because of computer stuffs.

– I’ve STILL only gotten thru Clue 2 of the Mystery Stole 3.

– We bought a bicycle for Tom at the greatest bicycle shop and we’ve started riding – but in baby steps.  And it DOES count if you ride to the deli to pick up breakfast bagels.  Hey, 3 miles is 3 miles.

– Waiting not so patiently for my Kauni yarn (it left Denmark on Monday but I WANT it!).

– I found these.

Have you ever seen anything so cute?  Ben & Jerry’s dixie cups.  A touch of childhood but even BETTER!  I bought a ton of these.  Nothing better for portion control…as long as you only eat 1 a day. LOL.

– STILL no roofer coming to check out the damages and give us a quote on repair.

– More work on my Child’s First Sock.

  I tried it on last night and realized that the foot is too tight so now I have to figure out how to enlarge it, starting at the gusset decreases.  The leg fits fine.  Maybe if I do the foot on a larger needle?  Possibly just the instep stitches, which means I have to go from Magic Loop to, GASP, dpn’s or 2 circs. (I’m thinking this thru as I type) I don’t look forward to the ripping.

If you add it all up it’s still really boring with knitting and riding thrown in.

Unless you add in THIS!  A generous benefactor gave me her invitation (Ravelry ID: Mooflower) and it’s really cool!  Much work to be done in it.  Thank You Anonymous (but not to me) Knitter!!!

3 thoughts on “Over a week…

  1. Cute sock – is this the first or second? I really need to cast on for my second one – you are making me look bad! Enjoy Ravelry!

  2. Wow! There’s so much here I don’t know what to comment on first! Ummmm, I’ve had the same problem with a pair of socks and usually upping the needles size for the leg portion tends to work! And yes, those are the cutest little Ben and Jerry ice creams!

  3. The eyes! Not the eyes!! Hope they’re feeling better now – it was probably all that non-stop Pottering you did….

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