I was burned about my age, in a comment…and it wasn’t even on my own blog!  OUCH.  Someone’s gonna get a few extra gray hairs for that.  😛

This, after taking a horrible beating yesterday.  An arm twisting extraordinaire.  Well, a push.  Maybe a nudge. (That’s a proper nudge – not the yiddish nudge which is pronounced "nooje")

All right, it was just an "Aw, come on, do it."

And I had already been browsing before the above mentioned smack-down.

So I spent the afternoon playing with color combinations.  Making Tom nuts. "This one and THIS one???" And I ordered the yarn for it.  (Maybe even 4 colors because I just can’t choose until I see them.) So we could be partners in steeks.

Because what kind of knitters would we be, without a nudge?

Check out the sidebar for the Stash-A-Go-Go link.  I’m trying to de-stash just a wee bit. 

4 thoughts on “Burned!!

  1. LMAO!!! Too Funny. And my Kauni yarn came today – very muted, but lovely. Now I have to try not to start it and finish Josephine – which is moving along merrily.

  2. Smack down. LOL – you two just crack me up. Even if you both are so very much older than me.

    Like, way older.


    And yeah… what are you knitting anyhoo…the steeks thing.

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