Sunny Saturday

Weather forecast brought to you by Lily.


MS3…now with LIFE-LINE!


Yeah.  Lose a stitch, learn a lesson.

I’ve also switched from post-its row markers to my KnitPicks magnetic board and katcha-katcha counter.  I suppose the farther along you get the more reinforcements you want to use.

I know. You’re saying "Where the heck did she get that cute pirate bag?"  I won’t lie.  It’s new.  Another fine product brought to you by Etsy.  Go check out Anna’s shop.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday

  1. Ahoy there Matey! I love the pirate stash and the ms3 is progressing nicely! As for me its the Victoria Shawl all the time now well and some beanies. I so want to wear this Victorian Lace today shawl in 3 wks:) The pressure is on!!!

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