Cat Yack

My progress on the Mystery Stole 3.  Up to row 79.  The cat yack that is lace. But I love the process of "mystery knitting" when I didn’t think I would.  Who knew?


A lot of this week has been spent in front of the computer(s), still trying to move everything onto the Mac.  It’s a time suck of a chore and my eyeballs feel like the Sahara.

I’m also trying to learn how to use Aperture.  I know I’ve said I was learning it, before, but I was just winging it.  Now I’ve got lessons uploaded and am working thru.  More slowness.  More eyeball headaches. So most of the nights I can’t bring myself to knit and just sit and count the minutes to bedtime, when I can close my eyes and give them some rest.

I got a treat from Marisol, in a very yarnish form. Whoo hoo!


That’s Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Sand Hill colorway.

Tom promptly claimed it as the yarn he wants me to use for his iPhone case.   So I’m just adding it to the list of "Gotta Do Now".

This weekend I’m going to start pulling out my yarns to re-organize. A big reason for this is that I’m swapping yarn with Marisol and can’t remember where I put the swap yarn.  PLUS when I put NeedleTrax onto the Mac, I may have lost some info. (See how I say "may"…like it’s really not a biggie?)

I just figure that if I’m good and patient I’ll get my invite to Ravelry and can thumb my nose at NeedleTrax. 

Wait.  Wait.  Toe tapping.

6 thoughts on “Cat Yack

  1. Very pretty shawl! Hey when you are organizing your stash, I’d be more than happy to take some of it off your hands – you know, so you don’t have to inventory it? I hope you get your Ravelry invite soon too!

  2. Wow – that’s a lot of computering. And the shawl looks lovely – love the color.

    Ah, Ravelry. Well worth the wait – and the shawl will keep your mind off of it.

  3. Aperture looks really complex… beyond my mental abilities and I think lace knitting also falls into that category.

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