Saturday and more from last week

A belated Congrats to Joey Chestnut, ’cause you KNOW he reads my blog.

When I got home from A/C, I was amazed to find a package from Rox.  How neat is it to get birthday presents 2 months after your birthday?!?!?!?  I loved it and highly recommend sending gifts AFTER a birthday to extend the joy.  😀

Because I couldn’t wait to unwrap everything I can only show the empty paper…


And the gifties before they spread to the 4 winds.  ("Hurry Tom.  Take a picture!")


  • Keychain Sock Blocker Sock
  • Bubble Stickers
  • Pretty Note Cards
  • A Piglet toy for Wes
  • A skein of ArtYarns Ultramerino 6 (I love ArtYarns yarn!)
  • A laser chaser (again, for Wes)

Happy Dance!!!

Thank you, Rox!  Now, everyone go over and check out her new blog home, Purple Spaghetti.  Go on!

I’ve also spent the last week taking care of a friends cat and bird.  Everyone meet Sassy!


Please don’t comment on her…ahem…weight.  She’s kinda sensitive about it.  But it does make for better belly rubs.

Lunch with a friend and then Knitting Group, today.  Vest knitting HERE I COME!


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