Makes me sad

This stuff makes me sad.

Grumman employed a large portion of Long Island, myself included.  Now…well, this story says it all.

On to other stuffs.

Last week I had a few days away doing some charity work in Atlantic City.  (Translation: I donated to the casino.)  This didn’t happen often enough.


I also start on a Child’s First Sock (in the hotel room!) using Lorna’s Laces in the Mother Lode colorway.  Love the sock and love the colors!


Check this out.  A Mini Cooper COVERED in Swarovski Crystals.


And Sandy and the sock – barely finished the ribbing at this point.  She thinks I’m nuts but she’s always ready to have fun.


Last week was the first Clue for the Mystery Stole 3.  Out of 100 rows, I’ve got 30 done.  😦  The charts are so well written that I’m not having any problems following along.


Maybe I’ll just work on this Sunday and try to catch up.  Not sure how I like using the Zephyr, yet.

Also did a bit of work on the Vest of Joy.  Hopefully, only about 60 more rows to go on the back.


More tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Makes me sad

  1. Very cute sock. I was half tempted by the mystery stole – but I have so much on the needles now that I just can’t do one more thing – so I’ll watch yours! Vest is looking great!

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