Friday Jaunt

This morning, yarn store coupon in hand, I set out.

GPS programmed?  CHECK!
Beautiful day for a drive? CHECK!

Yarn store haul?


No, you’re not missing something and my picture didn’t fail.  I got nothing, nada, zippo, zilch.

So depressing!  I found a nice color and needed 5 for a sweater.  They had 4.  I found another nice color, for a tank, and needed 3.  They had 2.

I was desperate to buy SOMETHING to make up for the 75 minute drive but it just wasn’t meant to be.

But when I came home with my happy drink (icedtriplegrandevanillamochadecafnonfatnowhip)

I knew that there were companies out there that care about their customers.

I had bought these around January.  One pair for me (in black) and one for Tom (in white).  Mine decided to lose some weight 2 weeks ago, when the left earbud popped off the wire.  Tom’s buds?  He can’t find them.  So I checked the packaging (which, for some unknown reason, I kept!) and they have a WONDERFUL warranty. Unless you destroy them (some of their methods) "sliding a rail, slammed in your car door, run over by a car, sky diving, blown up in an accidental experimentation with flammable substances, etc." they will replace them at no charge.

Just 1 phone call and 1 e-mail and I was sending back the broken buds.  The new ones arrived today.

Tell me that that’s not LEGEN – wait for it – DARY!

7 thoughts on “Friday Jaunt

  1. i can’t believe you didn’t get anything! what happened to just adding to the stash for a rainy day? nothing? no new pattern? no new “i-have-been-so-good” needles? wow. you are a stronger person than i.
    i had a little chuckle: i can never remember the correct order of my favorite drink…kudos to you…but a “decaf”? all that work and drive and only a decaf? hope your next excursion renders a better result in yarn.

  2. Maybe you have a yarn block – I can’t believe you couldn’t find anything! I hope you have better luck next time!

  3. What the heck? No yarn on your latest trip to the candy store. That’s a sin, a really big sin. The yarn shop owner should be tortured so she can feel your pain!

  4. Nothing? Ya got nothing? Ladies… our friend needs help. Can’t go to a yarn shop and come out empty handed. Its illegal in most states you know…

  5. Don’t cha just HATE that! I would’ve had to have the high test from Starbucks after the bust yarn trip.

  6. I hate when I can’t find anything to buy. I get so desperate and panicked in the store. Must. Buy. Something!

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