Under my skin

Why is it that, after coming back from a yarn crawl, I have this incredible urge to BUY MORE YARN?!?!?

I haven’t.  But I want to.

Here’s my yarn crawl haul.

2 skeins of HandMaiden MiniMaiden (50% wool/50% silk) in colorway … who knows?…it’s green and bronze and beautiful but there is no number or name.

1 skein of Claudia’s Lace in Argyle 2.

An Addi Lace circular – nice and pointy!

Blue Sky Alpaca Eyelet Cardigan pattern.

And (why is the FREE always the best) a great bag from Loop, which was part of their anniversary celebration – which we missed by a week or 2.

Not sure what any of it is going to become but, in a fit of madness, I joined the Mystery Stole 3 KAL.  So there’s a definite possibility.

As I said in my last post, there was KIP.

Chris and Jeanne.  (I don’t even want to THINK about what they were thinking/saying while I was taking the photo.  But I may have to hide out for a while.)

Lauren.  Who had a slightly different take on knitting in public.  But there was yarn…and public…so it’s all good.

I was working on that Lacy Yoga Bag water bag.  Which I have ripped 3 times because it was coming out like it could fit a gallon of water and I generally don’t carry THAT much water with me.  I went from casting on 76 to casting on 46. 

Wes is doing fine.  He let me knit 3 stitches on Monday.

11 thoughts on “Under my skin

  1. I am really liking that handmaiden—So glad you joined the Mystery Stolke KAL –now we can follow what each other ther too:)

  2. Ok, that has got to be the worst picture ever! Take it down! Its so bad I keep on laughing when I look at it….

  3. What the heck is up with our faces??? Sheesh! You know, I have a not so nice picture of you from MD – I may just post it!!!

  4. OMG… finally a pic of the elusive Chris & Jeanne! My check.. is in the mail. With a bonus!
    LOVE the Loop bag…. and when did you start knitting lace?!!

  5. That lace is lovely and the color is very pretty. Good job! Oh, I wish I had some buddies to knit in public with. I have some really great friends, but none of them knit. Good pal Alicia was over Saturday and we crocheted at my house. The front door was open. Does that count?

  6. I can’t stop cracking up when I see that – Jeanne and I were having fun, I swear – LMAO!!!! It’s like a wanted poster only I don’t know what the hell we wanted!!

    Rox, I’ve not seen her knit lace yet, but we’ve been doing our best to enable her and have her stock up on the necessary lace yarns!!!!!

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